Flip Words

Flip Words 2.5

Developer HipSoft LLC

Flipwords 2.3 is an exciting game with an extraordinary concept of playing.

Tri Peaks Quest For The Ruby Ring

Tri Peaks Quest For The Ruby Ring 2.7

Developer Magellan Interactive

Tri Peaks Quest for The Ruby Ring is cards game for Windows.

World Class Solitaire

World Class Solitaire 3.0

Developer Iplay

Embrace the roll of this young Hollywood film-maker in the golden age of cinema.

House of Cards Solitaire

House of Cards Solitaire 6.0

Developer Pizmo Games

The purpose of this game is to build a house of cards with smaller pairs on top.


Arabic Trix Cards Game


1001 7.0

Developer ValuStar

A card game usually played by three can now be played by you against your PC.Everything inside like...

Ancient Spider Solitaire

Ancient Spider Solitaire 32.0

Developer ToyboxGames Inc.

Get caught in a web of addictive fun with this version of Spider Solitaire.

Twin Trix

Twin Trix 1.0

Developer Underware Design

Twintrix is a puzzle game inspired by the Atari ST classic Klatrix .

Pick and Match

Pick and Match 1.1

Developer J & J Design

This is a card matching game, that is good for improving visual recall.

inDev Software Solitaires Unlimited

inDev Software Solitaires Unlimited 1.1

Developer inDev Software

Solitaires Unlimited is a collection of 800 solitaires in a single package.

Tower of Cards

Tower of Cards 1.0

Developer FreeGames4Rest

Build your own Eiffel Tower or Pyramid of Heops using just ordinary cards!

NET Cards

NET Cards 3.0

Developer Atlantida Software

NET Cards is a universal multiplayer cards game. It allows two or more people to play any game of ca...

Arabic WordMaster Pro

Arabic WordMaster Pro 2.0

Developer Iked

Arabic Word Master Pro 2.0 is an Arabic version of the Hangman game.


10-20-30 2.2

Developer Enterprise Network Consulting

A solitaire card game that actually plays better on the computer than it does with real cards: the c...

3 Cards to Midnight

3 Cards to Midnight 32.0

Developer Big Finish Games

Three Cards to Midnight is an adventure game with an original gameplay.


Arabic Trix Cards Game

PAC MAN Game (JavaFX 1.2) - Completed Game. Enjoy!

PAC MAN Game (JavaFX 1.2) - Completed Game. Enjoy! 6.0

Developer Haining Henry Zhang

Flash-game.net Flash Game Downloader

Flash-game.net Flash Game Downloader 1.0

Developer FlashGameDownloader, Org.

Trix for Phrasal Verbs

Trix for Phrasal Verbs 4.3

Developer VivaLexico

Play Trix with a partner, as a team game in class, or individually.

Memory Cards Light

Memory Cards Light 1.0

Developer BaY Studio Taiwan

Memory Cards Light is a free memory game developed by BaY Studio Taiwan.

The Rivals for Catan - Deck Editor

The Rivals for Catan - Deck Editor 1.2

Developer Catan GmbH

You can design a card deck for the "Rivals for Catan" Tournament Game.

Game Launcher (d:Game Launch)

Game Launcher (d:Game Launch) 1.0

Developer Hanbitsoft

Sharp Trix

Sharp Trix 1.1

Developer Ala Hadid

Sharp Trix is a card game that is played with a total of four players.

Game Develop versão Game Develop

Game Develop versão Game Develop 2.1

Developer Compil Games

Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards

Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards 32.0

Developer The Revills Games

Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards is a fun and colorful solitaire card game.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio - Role-Playing Game Starter Kit

Microsoft XNA Game Studio - Role-Playing Game Starter Kit

Developer Jeromy Walsh

Wonder Cards

Wonder Cards 4.2

Developer Pogo.com

Wonder Cards is an entertaining match 3 game for Windows.

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